Ibero Massa Florestal an european charcoal manufature

Technological innovation, dynamism and concerns with the entirety of the production process and the creation of a 100% green product make for the success of this work team.

Who We Are

A commitment with the Environment was made when Ibero Massa Florestal, S.A. was created in 2011.

We are a pioneering company both in the production and commercialisation of biocharcoal for domestic and agricultural use. In our industrial structure, located in Oliveira de Azeméis, we developed an innovative and 100% green technology for the transformation of agricultural and forest biomass, using slow pyrolysis. Our structure is comprised of a 3500 sqm building in a 20000 sqm stretch of land.

Ibero Massa Florestal, S.A. is responsible for the creation and development of Charcoal Zero, a 100% green biofuel, which makes for a safer and cheaper alternative to conventional charcoal like the one used in barbeques.

Ibero Massa Florestal | european green charcoal manufature
Ibero Massa Florestal | slow pyrolysis european charcoal manufature
Ibero Massa Florestal | pyrolysis european charcoal manufature

Corporate Policy


Ibero Massa Florestal, S.A.’s mission is to produce biocharcoal with excellent quality and with a commitment to the Environment.


To be a reference in the market, standing out for its credibility, innovation, professionalism and commitment to developing high quality products.

Ibero Massa Florestal | european charcoal manufature
Ibero Massa Florestal | european charcoal manufature


  • Know and satisfy customer requirements, in view of establishing close relationships of trust;
  • Promote the participation, communication and involvement of all interested parties in order to effectively respond to market demands and continually improve the company and products;
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • Continuously improve products and services with a view to sustained development and in compliance with legal, customer and management system requirements and basic work requirements of FSC and PEFC;
  • Reject any form of child labor, forced labor and exploitation;
  • Ensure that there is no discrimination at work and occupation and that there is respect for freedom of association and the effective right to collective bargaining;
  • Promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the consumption of wood from sustainable and responsible forest management, according to FSC and PEFC standards;
  • Commitment to support fiber tests and transactions verification, conducted by the certifying body and the Assurance Services International, delivering, upon request, FSC transactions data, samples and specimens of materials and products, as well as species composition information for verification.