Technological innovation, dynamism and concerns with the entirety of the production process and the creation of a 100% green product make for the success of this work team.

Who We Are

A commitment with the Environment was made when Ibero Massa Florestal, S.A. was created in 2011.

We are a pioneering company both in the production and commercialisation of biocharcoal for domestic and agricultural use. In our industrial structure, located in Oliveira de Azeméis, we developed an innovative and 100% green technology for the transformation of agricultural and forest biomass, using slow pyrolysis. Our structure is comprised of a 3.500 sq m building in a 20.000 sq m stretch of land. Ibero Massa Florestal, S.A. is responsible for the creation and development of Biopower, a 100% green biofuel, which makes for a safer and cheaper alternative to conventional charcoal like the one used in barbeques.

In addition, by treating agricultural and forestal residues, our company also created Biochar/Ecochar, a new product with revolutionary characteristics which helps rehabilitate agricultural land.

Our Mission

Our work at Ibero Massa Florestal, S.A. is based on our ethos: a work philosophy based on Ethic principles, an innovative driving force in the search for Knowledge and our commitment to the Environment.

Our mission is based on specific guidelines, such as:

  • Sequestrar o Carbono contido na biomassa agrícola e florestal através da nossa tecnologia industrial dos reatores pirolíticos, devolvendo-o em forma sólida, à terra no produto Ecochar.· Reduzir a emissão de GEE, em Portugal e na Europa, contribuindo para o equilíbrio dos ecossistemas.
  • Reducing the GHG emissions, in Portugal and Europe, taking an active part in rebalancing the ecosystem.
  • Improving agricultural land.
  • Generate wealth in Portugal.


Ibero Massa Florestal, S.A. works under a set of principles to ensure the dignity and quality of the services we provide for our clients:

  • Mutual trust, credibility and gravitas;
  • Our commitment to the company;
  • Quality and safety in the development of our work;
  • Good practice and observance of the Law;
  • Availability and humility in the advancement of our knowledge.

Integrated policies concerning quality, environment, health and safety, and social responsibility:

  • Understanding and complying with our clients’ requirements;
  • Promoting the integration of our company in society, through socially responsible actions;
  • Working towards the continuous improvement of our technical means and human resources;
  • Maintaining the well-being of our collaborators5 by unconditional compliance with defined operational principles;
  • Working towards the continuous improvement of our products and services, keeping a sustainable development in mind;
  • Ensuring the health and safety of our company, our collaborators and our visitors, our neighbours and the environment;
  • Ensuring good work conditions, preventing risks and keeping track of our collaborators’ health;
  • Promoting the continuous professional development of our collaborators on the inherent risks of this industry, ensuring awareness to the unconditional compliance of health and safety rules;
  • Promoting the participation, communication and involvement of our collaborators and external services suppliers in matters of health and safety in the workplace;
  • Unquestionable observance of the Law.